When a pilot takes off without a flight plan, you never know where the plane will take you.

That same principle can be applied in our daily life. Our journey consists of several processes and every process has a point of departure and a destination. But we are not always aware of it.

Quantum Flight makes a process visible by 8 cards.

The base of this consultation is formed by

Point of Departure

This card shows you your present position in life


This card shows what can help you to move forward


This card tells you if something is slowing you down. And if there's not, there is a blank card to prove it


This card tells you where you are going

And those cards are supported by the following categories:


This card shows if you are balanced and if not, if you bend to the left (emotions) or to the right (reason)

Automatic Pilot (AP)

This cards tells you what phantom belief you unconsciously carry around and how it influences your choices and behaviour.

If there is no AP on the background, there will be a blank card to proof it.


This card will tell what role the Brake card plays. If it is slowing you down or not.


This card will tell what role the Gas card plays. Flying low means you need more attention for whatever de Gas card shows.

The combination of these eight cards offer a clear view of your current flight schedule and give an uplifting insight in how to alter your course – if necessary.

A consultation by e-mail is possible. Your contribution will be 25 euro.

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